Multi-Species Predator control programmes for species and habitat protection & Intergrated Pest Management

I first became involved in Predator control in the early 1990’s when a square of chook mesh placed over a gin trap was considered a pretty good stoat trap.  Predator control has come a long way since then and I have been engaged as a specialist predator trapper every single season for the last 19 years.

Multi species Pest control operations require an in depth knowledge of all species present and my years with the Department of Conservation offered the best training ground possible; if you need a protection programme that is equal to and aligned with government best practice, look no further.  CPS offers the full suite of Integrated Pest Management services and can undertake your project from initial planning through to Post Operation Reporting.

CPS Predator Control & Integrated Pest Management Services:

• Design and implementation of multi-species control programmes targeting all pest animals present.

• Resource Consent Initiated mitigation planning

• Supply of specialist predator control devices

• Supply of all baits and lures for use in predator control

• Hands-on training for individuals and groups involved in predator control