Possum Control

I began trapping Possums for their skins as a young boy and have never really stopped.  At 19 I moved to Rangitoto Island and joined the Department of Conservations Possum and Wallaby Eradication Team; this operation was ultimately successful with the complete removal of possums and wallabies from over 3800ha of the Hauraki Gulf Islands.  By applying this level of eradication experience to control programmes we offer a high quality service that will achieve the desired results at any location.

CPS Possum Control Services:

• Population Monitoring to the National Standard

• Kill trapping operations

• Live trapping operations

• Acute and accumulative toxin operations

• Supply of Bait Stations, baits, lures and traps for Possum Control

• Non-Toxic control alternatives

• Possum removal from built-up residential and commercial premises

• Possum exclusion services for buildings