Feral Pig Control

Being a Professional Hunter I have shot dozens of feral pigs but have found over the years that simply shooting does not often economically remove all of the targets.  After years of searching for just the right individuals we can now offer the services of a number of extremely talented and disiplined Pig hunters with highly trained dogs capable of removing entire mobs of pigs at one time.  Accessing pig hunters that will remove all sex and age classes of pigs without question is extremely difficult and many people find that females and young have been released by hunters to maintain the wild population.  If you just really need pigs killed and don’t want the all too common politics that goes with pig hunting, give us a call and consider it done.

CPS Pig Hunting Services:

• Day & Night Shooting operations

• Problem Pig removal from built up areas

• Pig trapping & trap hire

• Ground hunting with trained & bird safe dogs