Biosecurity Detection and Response Services

Our hands-on experience with Biosecurity Responce Systems is second to none and is the result of sixteen years of government based new incursion planning and response. I have designed and led many successful and high profile Biosecurity operations; as a client of CPS you get the benefit of a highly diverse set of skills that has taken years of trial and error to perfect.

Finding and removing animals like feral Rainbow Lorikeets and escaped Otters is extremely challenging but hunting down a single rat on a large Island makes both of these seem like a walk in the park and it is the combined experience across all of my Biosecurity operations that makes up a truly unique range of experience.

CPS Biosecurity Services

• Presence/Absence Surveys

• Detection and Response management systems for Biosecurity Incursion Programmes

• Design and supply of Biosecurity detection/response equipment

• Supply of fresh and frozen high intensity Baits for use in Biosecurity incursion/detection programmes for all species.

• Predator dog supply and coordination.