CPS Specialist Baits and Lures

Coastal Pest Solutions are suppliers of high-quality specialist baits and lures for use in all Predator tracking and trapping operations.  All CPS Products have been developed in accordance with current Best Practice during the last fifteen years and are guaranteed to give the best results possible.  As Professional trappers ourselves, we know exactly what works and are proud to bring you the best baits on the market!

Our capacity as commercial rabbit contractors guarantees a continuous supply chain and allows us to process and supply any amount of bait to anywhere in the country at surprisingly short notice.  CPS baits & Lures can be supplied customized to meet your individual requirements, please contact us to find out more.

CPS Pro-Baits
These Baits are made from 100% wild rabbit and are designed for use in all kill traps.  If you need to target Ferrets, Stoats, Weasels, Hedgehogs and Rats, you need Pro-Baits. CPS Pro-Baits are supplied frozen free-flow in a tough 15L pail for your convenience.  With Pro-Baits, you’ll never need that axe again.

CPS Long-Life Pro-Baits
For situations where freezer space is limited or re-baiting every week just isn’t possible; use Long-Life Pro-Baits.  These baits will target the same species as standard Pro-Baits, but will last up to four times as long. Supplied bagged in a tough 15L Pail.

CPS Pro-Trakka Baits
Designed specifically for use in tracking tunnels; Pro-Trakka Baits are just the right size to attract the target without taking up all of the space on the ink pad.  Pro-Takka Baits add a whole new dimension of consistency to your monitoring operations.

CPS Tom-Catch
The ultimate combination of scent and visual attractant for Cats. I first used these baits twenty years ago and have yet to find a more effective cat bait.  The combination of fresh rabbit meat and  natural fur provides a powerful visual lure long after the scent has faded. CPS Tom-Catch Baits are the ultimate cat bait for use with leg-hold and cage traps. Supplied Free-flow frozen in any quantity required.


I have been using Coastal Pest Solutions fresh rabbit baits for live trapping feral cats and mustelids for the last year as part a research programme monitoring the seasonal abundance of pest mammals in a large wetland.  I need to be absolutely confident that I am catching most, if not all the predators in the study site during each survey session, this means I need high quality bait in my traps. The ‘CPS Pro-Bait’ product is fantastic, the rabbit meat is cut to exactly the sizes I require, comes in convenient easy to handle pails and above all, is always delivered on time. I highly recommend this product to any trapper who is serious about catching feral cats or mustelids. 

Craig Gillies

Predator Ecologist

Department of Conservation

Research & Development Group



CPS Predator baits are second to none; we were recently trying to catch a ferret that had killed a number of Kiwi, within 24 hours Ditch sent us 400 baits and we started catching animals straight away, in the first few days we caught a Ferret that DNA proved to be the culprit, fantastic bait & great service.

  Guus Knopers

Wildlife Contractors Ltd