Rabbit & Hare Control

Coastal Pest Solutions are specialists in all aspects of Rabbit Control and Eradication.  
We have a long and proven history with rabbit work and will always achieve the results regardless of the size and location of the problem. The methods we use have been developed over many years under the most difficult conditions imaginable, My hard won success with island eradications has proved hugely valuable and the application of these skills makes every day control scenarios comparatively easy.

We currently shoot in excess of 30 000 rabbits per year and have yet to find an equally experienced operator.

CPS has developed methodologies to suit all situations and we are proud to offer you our site specific management plans.  If you need serious rabbit control, cut to the chase and give us a call.

CPS Rabbit & Hare Control Services:

• Population Monitoring & high-level reporting services

• Public Consultation and Notification

• Design and implementation of control/eradication operations

• Non-toxic control alternatives

• Professional night shooting

• Burrow Fumigation

• Poison Operations

• Habitat Modification