Pest Bird Control

Coastal Pest Solutions offers a variety of Pest Bird Control.  As part of the two-man team that designed and implemented the successful Rainbow Lorikeet and Red Vented Bulbul eradication operations for Biosecurity NZ; I spent several years specialising in the removal of pest birds.  Undertaking this work for a government agency has taught me just how contentious the issue can be and CPS has developed a range of methods and discretionary measures in order to meet our clients requirements.

CPS Pest Bird Services:

• Crop Pest Management

• Application for Permits to disturb/kill Gamebirds out of season facilitation

• Design and implementation of pest bird management programmes

• Health Department regulations compliance work

• Bird-Proofing services for buildings and business premises

• Biosecurity new incursion response work

• Live capture operations for research projects

• Toxic control operations

• Shooting operations